Our Exceptional Terroir

Château Haut-Plantade is situated in the old river bed of the Garonne river (70 million years BC). Its unique soil is a magnificent mixture of rolled pebbles, gravel and sand, siliceous limestones and fossils caught in clay and ferruginous accumulations.This soil is inscribed within a microclimatic environment influenced by the nearby ocean, and protected by the forest of the Landes. Soaked in the heat of the sun it restores it gradually overnight and thus encouraging grape maturation.

The soil of the Graves region thus allows all grape varieties to mature with character and elegance, strength and subtlety, thus defining the wines of Pessac-Léognan.

The vinepopulation

Variety Composition

Red wine : 9 ha

52% de cabernet-sauvignon, 48% de merlot
Approximately 40,000 bottles, age of vines: 37 years

White wine : 1,5 ha

50% de Sauvignon, 50% de Sémillon
Approximately 4500 bottles, age of vines: 25 years

Our environmental 


Château Haut-Plantade has adopted many environmental winegrowing practices which consists in minimizing the interventions likely to have a negative impact on the environment, and thus to reinforce the positive impacts on the surrounding fauna and flora. 

For several years now, Château Haut-Plantade has actively been involved setting up various sustainable methods:

  • The phytosanitary treatments applied to the vine are limited to the strict necessary and adapted to each situation (use of pesticides exclusively in case of heavy spread of diseases).
  • Soil tillage is an alternative to herbicides: it is used to control weeds which intermingle in the vines and compete with the grapevines. This mechanical weeding technique also allows for better water drainage in winter, to protect the graft in case of severe cold, to bury the contributions of organic fertilizers and fertilizers.
  • Non – cultivation of vines (during the winter period) introduces a new form of tillage: decompacting between rows, with the aim of recreating porosity in compacted soils, improving soil stability, Biological and microbial activity, or even to produce a green
  • ·  Sexual confusion has been introduced in vine rows to reduce the reproduction of insect pests.bles.
  • ·  Control of agricultural inputs.
  • ·  Investing in new face-to-face spray equipment that significantly reduces the drift of crop protection products.
  • ·  Automatic announcement to local residents 48 hours before each phytosanitary treatment to warn them of our passage.

Château Haut-Plantade also participates in numerous charities with various associations, for which it regularly organizes support actions.