to the Château Haut-Plantade


The Chateau Haute-Plantade is a beautiful family exploitation of 10.5 hectares (8.5 hectares of production), located in the oldest wine growing region of Bordeaux, in the heart of the Pessac-Léognan designation. It is close to the most prestigious wine propriety of Léognan (Chevalier, Château Malartic-Lagravière and Château de Fieuzal estates/domains).

2/3 of the production of the Château Haute Plantade is exported internationally, the remaining third being sold at the property and at 24 national fairs (including the fair of the Indepedent wine makers). The Château celebrated its 42th vintage in 2020 ; many of them are mentionned in specialized guides and publications.

Wine Tasting, visits, and face to face sales directly at the estate

Vincent Plantade welcomes you to the estate for tasting sessions of his 2018 red vintage and 2019 white vintage.

Le Château Haut-Plantade has surprises in store for you…
In a few months, you will know more!

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to come and discover our different vintage wines.

Vincent Plantade

Artisan winemaker

Born in 1970 to a family of wine dealers from Corrèze, Vincent Plantade developed a passion during his childhood for professions of the earth and decided very early on to devote his life to viticulture. His father, Alain, owned an old sheep pen surrounded by a few acres of land in Léognan, which he then covered in grapevine. the young Vincent didn’t linger in taking over the domain after pursuing a winemaking-oenology course in the Médoc region at the young age of 18. His project of developing the family domain was particularly well-thought, as the parcels were ideally located in the golden triangle of the appellation Pessac-Léognan. A talented wine maker, Vicent Plantade now oversees the domain with a deft hand and with a meticulous care and constant attention towards the vines. Slowly but surely, the winery has grown for the last forty years based upon the principle of “produce less but produce better”.

In this sublime and respected terroir, an elegant, dense and voluptuous wine was created, associating “power, ambition, and sobriety”

It wasn’t easy to make it in the world of great wines of Pessac-Léognan. His challenge was to enable the recognition of the quality of his production amongst long time renowned Châteaux. For this, Vicent Plantade had an invaluable advantage: the exceptional quality of his terroir! Through his passion for the earth and his attention to the vines, the Château Haute-Plantade seduced an audience of connoisseurs in many countries.
Ever since 1733, the Plantades have been farmers and winemakers in the village of Aumont, attached to the parish of Argentat in Corrèze. By the end of the 19th century, almost all vineyards of Basse Corrèze were destroyed by phylloxera, forcing many peasants to switch to other occupations, mainly to the wine negotiating business.
This was the case in 1905 when Barthelemy Nöel Plantade started a fine wine business in Belgium. Born in 1910, Nöel Plantade continued and developed his own clientele. In 1934, he bought an old sheep barn in the Landes from Francelet Vergne, a negotiator from Meymac. This sheep barn was surrounded by a few acres of land ideal for vine growing in the small village of “Le Bergey”, in Léognan close to Bordeaux. In October 1956, Nöel Plantade suddently passed away, leaving behind a 14-year-old son. His wife carried on with his clientele for 7 years until her son, Alain Plantade took over. However, the difficult situation forced them to give up the domain of Bergey in 1960.
Alain Plantade was born in 1942. After his studies, he took over his father’s wine business in Belgium. He married Francine Durannel, daughter of a canvas merchant of Champagnac-les-mine in the Cantal region in 1963. It is at this period that he extended his business to the North of France (in the Nord, Ardennes, Lorraine and Champagne regions). At the instigation of a friend from Martinique he met during his military service in Agen, he succeeded in developing a new clientele in the Antilles. In 1970, after the birth of their third child, Vincent, Alain and Francine Plantade decided to renew with the tradition more than twice centenary of being wine makers.

History of the Château


The vineyard saw the light of day in 1975. Alain and Francine Plantade transformed and planted a plot of a little over an acre, saved from the sale of the Bergey domain of 1960. They thus created the vineyard  of the Château Ponteil Bergey which oversaw its first vintage wine in 1978. Ponteil Bergey became, in 1988 the Château Haut-Plantade. Nowadays, even though he relinquished his Belgian and Martiniquais clientele, Alain Plantade continues to visit his French customers. Vincent Plantade took over the domain in 1988 after studying wine making and oenology. In 2009, he married Mathilde Maynard, daughter of a Tulle layer met during the 2007 wine harvest at the property. The long lineage of the Plantade was prolonged in 2009 with the birth of Lazare, then Jeanne in 2012. Following new plantations, the domain is now close to eleven acres large